Hot air HVLP DIY turbine for the application of normal viscosity paints with a professional finish and no brush marks.

It can be used in the house or garden, in workshops and in the realization of prototypes and crafts.

Main advantages:

– Clean air of impurities.

– Low fog

– Reduced size and easy transport (handle and strap)

– Minimal maintenance and simple handling.


– Color Rojo y negro.

– Potencia 600W

– Capacidad del tanque 800 mml.

– Consumo de pintura 500ml /min.

– Densidad max. admitida 40 din/sec.

– Boquilla 2,5mm.

– Longitud de manguera 1,5 m.

– Alimentación 220 V -240 V / 50Hz.

– Material Plástico.

– Dimensiones 240x130x175mm.



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