P.SUC. 950-S DEP.1 L.

Suction Spraygun for high atomization of low viscosity products. Recommended for high-quality finishes.

Technical Features:

– Brass-coated duralumin body adding durability to threads and other wear parts.

– Stainless steel nozzle and needle.

– Fan. product and air flow regulator incorporated.

– 1,000 cc. deposit with internal filter and anti-drip system.

– Nozzles: 1,30-1,40-1,50-1,60-1,80-2,00-2,50 mm.

– Recommended Pressure: 2 to 3 bar.

– Air Consumption: 190 l / min. 2,5 bar.

– Weight with deposit: 1215 gr.

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Bodywork, Forniture, Industrial Bodywork, Industrial Machinery, Naval


EPA 65%